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by Brian Fisher | June 8, 2020

Long before your favorite social media star added the word influencer to their bio, design has been used to communicate and to influence consumer decisions. Design has the power to make a lasting impact on a person and can even persuade them to become a new, loyal customer.

content marketing

by Dan Lawitzke | June 1, 2020

Disruptive advertising is becoming a strategy of the past. As consumers move away from traditional forms of content consumption (television, radio, newspapers) and move to subscription-based content providers (Netflix, YouTube, Hulu) there are fewer opportunities for marketers to advertise.


by Michael Jones | May 25, 2020

You’re not living in the era of your grandparents’ Life Magazines where advertising was a one-way street. Welcome to the digital age, where social media is king. When it comes to branding your company on social media, it might seem simple, but that’s just the surface level.

Search Engine Optimization

by Michael Jones | May 18, 2020

The goal of any search engine, in its simplest form, is to retrieve the results you find useful when you search for something. If you search Google for “Atropos”, you expect not just to find results pertaining to the eldest of the Three Fates, you expect to find the most useful results pertaining to the eldest of the Three Fates. That’s the search engine’s goal. But what about your goal, as a company hoping to be found?