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We create strategic digital marketing solutions to help your company scale.

Our team’s years of experience in founding and supporting companies just like yours makes us perfectly suited to solving the problems you’re faced with every day. We know your frustrations, because we’ve experienced them and maneuvered beyond them. Every company is unique, and deserves a unique strategic approach. Let our turnkey digital marketing solution help you reach your customers, and drive your metrics now and long into the future. We can manage your digital assets, so you can manage everything else.

Our Services


Web Design

  • Ecommerce Website Builds

With over $50 million in online sales, let our experience put fuel on your ecommerce fire. Increase conversions, and let your website work for you!

  • Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the difference between an excellent site no one goes to and a thriving community. Search engines themselves are always changing, and you need a company agile enough to keep up with the state of the art.

  • Web Design and Maintenance

Web sites should work for you, you shouldn’t have to work all the time on your web site. We can take the responsibility of web maintenance off your hands, so you can do what you do best.



  • Photography

Stunning images that elevate your brand to the next level. Your image is your voice; let us help you tell your story through vivid imagery.

  • Videography

Professional video content that puts your brand front and center. Disruptive marketing is a thing of the past: content is king. From design to implementation, we have you covered.

  • Copy Writing

Make sure your message is professional. Accurate articulation of your message is key to looking your best. 

  • Graphic Design

We offer a full array of design services. Our eye-catching visuals put your brand on stickers, make labels for your products, create banners for conventions, and lay out advertisements online. Help your brand be seen!



  • Product Development

With our experience bringing more than 400 products to market, we can take your idea from thought to sales in record time.

  • Email Marketing

Its incredible return-on-investment, and its power to communicate directly with your core customers, makes email marketing a vital part of today’s digital strategy.

  • Social Media Marketing

Giving your brand a voice by creating, monitoring, and analyzing engaging content that drives you to new heights. What goal can we achieve for you? 

  • Ad Campaigns & Management

We can conceive, design, and execute an end-to-end mixed media ad campaign, specifically targeting your core demographics, as well as vital “long tail” audiences.

  • Brand Management

Your brand is the living, breathing identity of your company, and it needs nourishment. We can grow your brand from a seed, or help you prune old growth, or find the right soil for your seedling.



What do you want to know?

We have so many good ideas we’re giving them away for free.

At Vertical Compass, we strive to be all about collaboration and to help our clients achieve their greatest potential. That’s why the team loves to share some of our professional knowledge and opinions in areas that we’re experts in!

Our Work


Our Latest

Solutions as unique as the companies they’re designed for.

Here is a selection of just a few of the companies and industries we’ve partnered with in just the last few years. Rather than specialize in one industry, or one solution, or one way of doing things, our strength lies in tailoring solutions to each industry, each market, each company. We work directly with you, at whatever level of involvement you need, to guide the way upward.



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